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This is fan made!

Next Gen by kilala97

All Next Gen Fun Facts! :iconwoootplz: Everything from my previous fun facts journals as well as some new ones are in here :D I probably won't make any more new Fun Facts journals. Instead, I'll just add them in here and let you know if there are any updates (if they are worth mentioning of course) I'll probably add more to the younger characters later since I'm still developing them. HOLY FRICK THIS JOURNAL IS LONG!

Valiant Heart:
  • Valiant goes by "Lance" 
  • Valiant's love life isn't very successful even though he's kind, charming and handsome. He's been out with quite a few mares making him seem like a player but he's just looking for the right one. 
  • He's jealous of Prism's relationship with Whirlwind and wonders why she and Prism broke up in the first place. He thinks they should get back together. 
  • Red June is his best, non-royal friend. Claire and Candy keep trying to convince him to go out with her but he claims they're much too different and it wouldn't work. He just won't realize that they could work and it frustrates Claire. 
  • He and Nidra are very sassy with each other and tend to tease one another a lot. They're besties. 
  • Valiant is really protective of Starburst and also her number one supporter. He does worry about her however. He feels like she's a little too serious all the time and tries his best to loosen her up so she has an enjoyable childhood.
  • Valiant got his nickname (Lance) from Starburst who called him "Valilants" when she was younger since she couldn't pronounce his name correctly (Fun Fact by JakeMcneil

  • Illusion was born in Canterlot Castle and delivered by Celestia's personal doctors (I'm assuming she's got some)
  • Illusion used to have a private tutor when younger so he didn't have to go to school and be crowded by a bunch of foals who wanted to be his friend because he was a prince. He unfortunately wasn't getting anything out of it and wanted to go to a school with other kids. 
  • After Discord taught Illusion how to change his appearance, Celestia let him go to a school in a Canterlot (the one he met Claire in)
  • Illusion was actually a great influence on Claire when they were little. He taught her how to deal with bullies and encouraged her to use her words rather than her claws. 
  • Illusion has pranked his mother on several occasions and did it in the form of his father. She fell for it the first few times but figured it out when she saw that Discord legitimately didn't have any idea about the pranks. 
  • Illusion takes after his mother in looks but takes after his father more when it comes to his magic. 
  • Illusion, despite being quite the goofball, takes his duties incredibly seriously. Even more serious than Starburst. 
  • Unlike Prism, he manages to get away everytime he messes with Claire and she never seems to stay mad at him. 
  • When going out in public for fun, he disguises himself as a black earth pony named coal. When out with Nidra or Valiant Heart, he disguises them as well. 
  • It is a life goal of Illusion's to fool Annie someday. 
  • Illusion doesn't get along with Prism too much. Mostly because both of them have pretty big egos. 
  • He was incredibly flirty with Claire when trying to get her to go out with him. He continues to be very flirty. 
  • He is very romantic when he tries to be. 
  • Illusion takes his magical studies very seriously. 
  • Illusion isn't widely accepted by many Equestrians due to his chaotic parentage. They really don't want him to rule
  • He calls Crystal Clarity "Crys" instead of "Claire" just because everypony began calling her that and he wanted to be original. 

Red June:
  • She's pen pals with Valiant Heart. She's only met with him face to face a few times. She finds him very attractive but tries not to get romantically involved with him knowing his reputation. She doesn't think any less of him but she feels like he wouldn't be interested in a girl like her. 
  • June was Claire's first friend in Ponyville
  • Red June helps out at the Ponyville Schoolhouse as an assistant teacher or sometimes a substitute. 
  • As a teacher, Red June is very good with kids. 
  • She's very talkative even though her father is Big Mac
  • Once she discovered her talent was cherry related, Aj, Big Mac and Apple Bloom gave her a piece of land just for her cherries. 
  • When ever she's in a bad mood she'll revert to her father's way of speaking (Fun Fact by JDMiles )
  • She sleeps with the Smartypants doll her father kept, however nopony but Del knows about this.  (Fun Fact by JDMiles )
  • When June was old and joined in making the quilt at the apple family reunion(which by now quadrupled) June added her bandana to the quilt. (Fun Fact by dreambota)
  • Because of her royal status, June and Valiant got their own stain glass window, while Valiant was ecstatic, Red June felt insecure and thought it didn't look like her and looked more like she was a crystal pony than who she was. After voicing her discomfort, Valiant got it changed so that the future royalty could see how beautiful she was. (Fun Fact by dreambota)

Crystal Clarity:
  • Claire was born in one of the best hospitals around which is located in Canterlot and delivered by the best doctors thanks to hookups from the princesses
  • Claire hates going to the doctors and just dislikes doctors (Not them personally of course, just their actions). This is mostly from regular, weekly check ups and doctors coming to Spike, Rarity and Claire's home all the time when she was younger. As the first known dragon pony hybrid in Equestria, she was constantly checked up on by doctors to make sure she was developing normally and healthily. She never got used to the appointments and always dreaded them. She's also terrified of shots. 
  • When Claire was a foal, she accidentally scorched off a good amount of Rarity's mane when she sneezed. 
  • Claire wasn't very receptive to scolding when she was very young. So, when she did something wrong getting scolded didn't work. But roaring did. Rarity had to learn how to do a convincing roar so she could discipline Claire. She always tried reasoning with Claire first, then scolding since she found roaring to be very unladylike. Unfortunately, that didn't work for Claire so Rarity would end up having to do a hilarious attempt at a roar to get her attention. She was taught how to do this by Spike and Rainbow Dash. 
  • After Rarity got the roar down, Claire's behavior improved greatly. 
  • When Claire was little, she'd overuse the word "darling" because she heard Rarity say it so much. 
  • When Claire was younger, she was fed up with how everypony would talk about how dangerous and scary dragons were. She was shocked when even Rarity said dragons (other than Spike) were dangerous. She refused to believe they were bad and when on a vacation to Ponyville with Rarity and Illusion, she went into Everfree to find one. Illusion followed to make sure she'd be safe. The dragon ended up being quite dangerous as predicted and Rarity, along with Spike, who came later, had to save the two children.
  • Claire wasn't looking forward to having a sibling when Rarity and Spike gave her the news. T ended up being her bestest friend.
  • Claire protected T from bullies when they were younger.
  • Claire and Spike helped teach T how to fly
  • Her first friend, other than Illusion, was Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis's daughter Créme de la Créme
  • Claire isn't a morning person (pony). Just like her daddy. 
  • Claire's favorite place in the world is the Crystal Empire for obvious reasons. 
  • Claire is Del's traveling buddy. Whenever she leaves town he usually goes with her. 
  • She calls Illusion "Lulu" 
  • Claire is great friends with Nidra and Valiant since she is going out with Illusion. 
  • Claire broke one of her horns once and was only able to cough up smoke for quite some time. Prism enjoyed that time very much because he could finally mess with her without getting burned in the end. She got him back when her horn healed. 
  • Claire is really good at climbing things. She could scale a vertical wall if she felt like it. 
  • Claire is better at roaring than her brother but he looks scarier and more intimidating when he roars.
  • Claire has pretty strong predatory instincts. She tends to chase things like a cat would and things that make sudden movements catch her eye. Claire learned to control her impulses a lot more as she got older so she wouldn't hurt anypony. However, when she was younger, she'd get distracted by those kinds of things very easily. 
  • Claire doesn't trot or gallop like a pony would but rather like a pawed creature. 
  • Claire usually keeps her claws extended. 
  • Claire has developed some trust issues which is why she doesn't make too many friends. She just sticks with the ones she has.
  • When Claire uses her fire (or magic in general) excessively or too much at once, she gets incredibly fatigued and tired. This worries T and her parents a lot especially since her job requires her to use her fire. 
  • Claire has a weak stomach and gains weight really easily. 
  • She's a total lightweight when it comes to drinking which is why at dinner parties she stays away from the wine just in case. 
  • On her 20th birthday, Rarity helped her open up her shop, Hearthfire Jewellery. 
  • Unlike Anthea, when Claire got pregnant, she softened up a lot and was just more emotional than she usually was. Illusion was quite relieved by this. He thought she was going to be incredibly pissed all the time. 
  • Closer to the end of her pregnancy Claire would start nesting and randomly disappearing. This worried Illusion beyond belief. He made sure that the guards around the castle knew where she was at all times. 
  • After Identity was born, and when she was a toddler, she and Illusion would play fight for Claire's attention. 

Crème de la Crème:
  • Crème de la Crème met Claire when they were very young. They became friends mostly because Crème didn't even realize that Claire was "different" and didn't fear her
  • Crème is the only one that doesn't completely fear Claire. Mostly because she doesn't realize that Claire can actually be very dangerous
  • Crème and Val used to date
  • Crème met Del (briefly) for the first time in the Crystal Empire while she was still with Lance
  • Crème went to Ponyville once since she mentioned to Del that she'd never been "to the country". In order to get her cultured, he invited her to come stay with him and his family. She got the grand tour of Ponyville and had the opportunity to work on the farm. She wasn't that great at it and it was pretty tough for her (obviously) but she genuinely enjoyed herself. She rubbed Starburst the wrong way while she was helping out for some reason. She didn't do anything wrong. There was something that just bugged Star. Maybe the fact that she didn't do the jobs right........or something else. 
  • Prism first saw Crème when she first came to Ponyville. He noticed that Del picked her up from the train station. After giving him a kiss on the cheek, Prism automatically assumed that Crème and Del were dating. Del told him they weren't but Prism still doesn't believe him
  • Crème is amazing at math and also has a photographic memory
  • Due to her great memory, Crème sometimes brings up certain things that her friends try to forget
  • Crème is the only one Claire is comfortable drinking around. 
  • Later on in the future, Crème helps Claire expand her jewelry shop and helps Del start his catering business. 

Golden Delicious:
  • Del was born on the farm. Everypony was there to help out. Fluttershy and Rarity helped out the most since Fluttershy had delivered many animals before and Rarity was the only one who had gone through labor at that point.
  • Del was born tiny and rather weak but grew up to be almost as strong as his Uncle Mac. 
  • Del's bandana used to be his baby blanket. Apple Bloom made it for him and have it to him the day he was born. 
  • When Del was a baby, he would NOT eat applesauce which kind of worried the Apple Family being that they are the APPLE family. They were relieved when he finally started eating apples and other apple related foods when he was a young colt. 
  • Applejack was overly protective of Del when he was younger. She babyproofed everything similar to how she did in "Somepony to Watch Over Me". He'd often go out at nighttime to get some work done so his mom wouldn't see. 
  • Since Applejack was really hesitant about letting Del buck trees when he was younger, Red June ended up teaching him after he constantly begged her. 
  • Out of everypony he knows, Del is closest to Red June.
  • Del broke one of his legs when he was younger trying to buck a tree. He was still very weak and fragile then.
  • He was the first of his friends to get his cutiemark
  • Del is the best singer among his friends (other than "little miss perfect", Anthea)
  • He and Prism get rather competitive with each other like their moms used to. 
  • Del's first kiss was Cotton Candy. The kiss happened by accident somehow. After it, he was quite awkward around her for a while but Candy didn't seem to mind at all. 
  • Del has had to carry Starburst from the farm to a place where she could rest countless times because she keeps overworking herself while helping out there. 
  • Del is scared of bats
  • Del was never good at rodeos like his mother. He just isn't agile or quick like she is. 
  • Del was the smartest in his class and is probably the smartest of his friends. 
  • Golden Delicious is very resourceful which comes in handy with his cooking.
  • Del takes etiquette lessons from Rarity for when he goes to places like Canterlot and the Crystal Empire.
  • Del first met Crème briefly while she was going out with Valiant at Shining Armor and Cadence's anniversary party
  • When going up to Canterlot, he was introduced to Créme de la Créme by Claire and they ended up becoming great friends. He finds her absolutely gorgeous. 
  • Ever since he helped cater Fancy Pants's birthday party, he's been getting asked back quite often to cater other events in Canterlot.
  • When Del introduced Creme to the group, Prism made things awkward by going "that's my boy!" and patting Del's shoulder, thinking they were dating. While Del had to explain they were friends, Creme thought it was funny. Since then, she's found Prism's sense of humor enjoyable. (Fun Fact by Sol1dF3rr3t )

  • Dove was born in Prance 
  • Dove's father is a pegasus from Prance
  • She and her parents lived on the road most of the time so she is very cultured
  • Dove couldn't use magic while she was younger
  • As an adult, Dove still can't use unicorn magic much. All she can do is use levitation
  • Dove despises the use of unicorn magic and thinks it's dangerous
  • She admires Prince Illusion
  • She had Annie do a show with her just to prove how hard performing magic tricks without magic is. Of course, this was difficult since Annie is blind
  • Dove loves Sugar Rush and is like a mentor to her
  • Dove rescues all of the doves that she uses in her shows
  • Dove sometimes performs for hospitals and orphanages when she doesn't have a big show

Amber Lily:

  • Amber was born in Ponyville
  • Her mother passed when she was 3 and she was placed in the orphanage by her father the same year
  • Her mother was a crystal pony so Amber, is half crystal pony. The only way you can tell is by her eyes and shiny coat
  • Amber glows a bit when she's truly happy. The only time that happened (for an extended period of time) since she was a child was when she brought Hot Head and Lucky Star home for the first time
  • Despite this physical change she has, she does a good job hiding emotions
  • Amber would often go into Lucky and Hot Head's room while they were sleeping just to make sure they were okay. She still does this. Lucky found out that it was because she has an irrational fear of others passing in their sleep
  • Amber began her party life when she was around 15 
  • Amber finished schooling at a very young age and was able to land a nursing job when she was 17
  • Amber seeks affection from pretty much everypony, not really understanding how love and relationships work. This makes her seem somewhat desperate but she actually doesn't really want a relationship
  • Despite how others see her and how she acts, Amber is actually quite scared of "doing the do" and will freeze up when put in that kind of situation
  • After Lucky and Hot Head started training at the guard, Amber went for a while as well to be a nurse for the guard. She didn't stay too long because she liked working with children and newborns much more
  • After getting married (to whoever you think she married) Amber tried for foals right away only to find that she was infertile. Finding this out put her in a very dark place and it took quite some time for her to recover. She did however, become a great foster parent to many foals. (whether she eventually is able to have her own children is up to you)
  • Not too long after discovering she was infertile, Amber went through a pseudopregnancy (AKA phantom pregnancy). 

Epic Parody:
  • When Parry was little, he was awkward and nerdy like his father was
  • Candy and Parry have been friends since his 5th birthday party
  • Parry loves to write
  • Epic Parody carries his ukulele around everywhere
  • Epic is really good with kids and likes them more than other adults and teenagers
  • Parry is scared of Claire
  • Parry once wrote a love song for Cotton Candy but never gave it to her. She almost found it

Cotton Candy:
  • Cotton Candy was born in her own home. Pinkie literally went home and disappeared for a few hours and came back out with a new little filly.
  • Candy has a horrible sense of direction (even as a teenager/adult)
  • Cotton Candy was really good at getting lost when she was younger. She made Pinkie work extra hard to make sure she wouldn't get lost. It was so bad to the point where Pinkie and Pokey would tie a little balloon on her so they could find her a little easier if she ever did get lost. 
  • Candy was Starburst's first and best friend when they were little. Since Star was a crybaby, Candy would always cheer her up. Now, even though Starburst is serious and tough, Candy makes it a goal of hers to make Star smile everyday somehow.
  • When Pinkie was pregnant with the twins Candy and Pokey had to constantly hold her back from doing crazy things. 
  • When her twin sisters were born, she was jealous of how they were a unicorn and a pegasus. 
  • Candy tried running away from home once for unknown reasons (perhaps the new babies?) but ended up back home because of her awful sense of direction. Whatever problem there was, was quickly resolved.
  • Candy was responsible for teaching Anthea quite a few facial expressions that she didn't already know.
  • Her first job ever was foalsitting and she still does it because she's so good at it.
  • She loves playing matchmaker. 
  • She's tried hooking up Starburst up with some stallions. The guys are all for it since she's a princess but Starburst always ends up scaring them off. 
  • Candy had a crush on T
  • She is terrified of doing things in front of large groups of strangers 
  • She chews on her hair when she gets nervous or anxious.
  • Candy is quite the nurse. Whenever her friends get injured she knows just what to do.
  • Everypony gets their advice from Candy. She is extremely wise despite being very young and seemingly very ditzy. 
  • Though Candy loves helping others, she also loves alone time. She's incredibly productive when alone. 
  • She was surprisingly the last of her friends to get her cutiemark (not counting T and Claire).
  • Cotton Candy ironically doesn't like cotton candy and sweets all that much. She'll eat them but would rather eat healthily. 
  • She likes guys who can sing. 
  • Candy is ridiculously ticklish especially by her neck. 
  • She and Claire often get together to gossip and talk about girly relationship stuff. Sometimes Annie joins them and the conversations become hilarious. 
  • Candy is borderline OCD when it comes to organization and cleanliness. She gets really uneasy if things aren't just so at the carnivals she hosts and in her home. Even as a little filly she was very clean. This was and is kind of an issue seeing how she has two baby sisters and her mother is Pinkie Pie. Candy does a pretty good job hiding her anxiety but she has her moments.
  • Cotton Candy often likes to write little short stories during her alone time, it helps her with her borderline ocd as she can control what happens in the little worlds she creates and she loves organizing a series of events to happen during her stories. (Fun Fact by Katsdraw) 

Prism Bolt:
  • Prism was born in Ponyville but grew up in Cloudsdale which was a nightmare for him because he was scared of heights and paranoid that he'd fall off the clouds. He'd often ask his mom or dad to take him down to Ponyville so he could hang out with his "ground friends". 
  • Prism's best buddy when he was little was Tank
  • When Prism was little, Rainbow Dash would bring a cloud down and put it a good 7ft off the ground and make Prism sit up there with her as punishment (it was pretty effective since he was scared of heights). 
  • Prism was a very sweet and innocent colt but started becoming arrogant when he learned how to fly. 
  • Rainbow Dash knew Prism wouldn't be willing to learn how to fly from anypony else other than herself and Soarin so, she allowed him to go to school in Ponyville to avoid the headache, stress and difficulty of him having to go to flight school which is a required part of Cloudsdale education (headcanon). 
  • Prism once saved T from falling off a cliff when they were younger
  • When Prism was younger, he had a huge crush on Claire (which she was totally aware of)
  • Prism loved roughhousing with Rainbow and Soarin when he was little.
  • Prism wears a bandage all the time because he takes pride in his face is self conscious of the scar. 
  • When asking Whirlwind out, he was a hot mess.
  • Prism and Princess Nidra had a thing for a while since she was supposedly over chasing Turquoise. She came on too fast and too strong for Prism but he never said anything because he was scared of her. They ended up dropping the relationship because Nidra wasn't over Turquoise.
  • Prism has kissed Whirlwind, Claire and Nidra.
  • Prism was the fourth of his friends to get his cutiemark. 
  • His rival is Hot Head, one of Annie's old orphan friends. He can never seem to beat him in the Best Young Flyer Competition. 
  • Just to spite Hot Head, Prism once asked Amber out on a date. Just to spite Hot Head, Amber said yes. They actually did go out on a date. Nothing romantic, but did become good friends after. (Fun Fact by Sol1dF3rr3t )
  • Prism and Candy made a promise that they would never ever prank Annie. Annie claims that it's discrimination. 
  • Prism likes to harass Claire the most because she reacts the most and the best. She's usually his primary target and he calls her "old" a lot.  
  • Prism and his little brother, Icy Storm, are considered the cutest guys in Cloudsdale. 

  • After a few years, she transferred from the school in Cloudsdale to the school in Ponyville.
  • She was the best flyer in her class when she was little. Prism surpassed her soon after her learned how to fly. She was a little salty about that. 
  • Whirlwind's good at giving massages
  • Whirlwind is terrified of fire
  • Just like Prism, she has very beautiful eyes. 
  • Whirlwind was the one who broke up with Prism 
  • After their break up, another stallion, Hot Head, came along and tried getting with her. He was very sweet and kind to her but she knew that he actually had the same "bad" qualities that Prism had and she just didn't want to deal with that. 
  • She has no idea about Icy Storm's crush on her.
  • She still gets uneasy and a little jealous when Prism talks to other mares. 
  • She is known for her grace and agility in the air. 
  • Whirlwind strives to be a Wonderbolt. Despite being rather lazy, she will train hard if it means coming closer to her dreams. 
  • Other than Prism, she's good friends with Anthea and Candy. 
  • Whirlwind eventually became a Wonderbolt after many years. However, while doing a rescue she had to face her fear of fire and save a pony. Sadly, her wing was badly burned and it took a very long time for her to recover (or she doesn't recover at all. It's up to you)

  • Nidra was born in Canterlot Castle just like Illusion
  • Nidra is a complete daddy's girl. 
  • Nidra fears responsibility and doesn't look forward to being a princess. So, she abuses her power in hopes of having less duties as she gets older. 
  • Though she is quite jealous of Annie and seemingly hates her, she is actually likes her a lot (when T's not around). She knows very well that she isn't widely loved because of her attitude but Annie seems to be a genuine friend to her. 
  • Nidra started opening up to Anthea and becoming friends with her after they accidentally combined their spells (Nidra's sleeping spell and Annie's calming spell) and knocked out all of Ponyville. Nidra thought Annie would be a worrywart about the whole ordeal and just try to wake up everypony right away. And she did, but not before she could scribble on Prism and Candy's face as payback for never pranking her. It was then Nidra realized Annie was a pretty cool pony. 
  • Nidra actually really liked Prism when they were going out but could tell he didn't really like her in the same way. 
  • Nidra's alicorn magic isn't that strong but she is an amazing flier. 
  • Nidra's hearing is just as good as Annie's. 
  • The closest things to an adult that Nidra will actually listen to are Illusion and Claire. She's also got a lot of respect for Discord. 
  • She likes to lurk and she's really good at it. 
  • Nidra likes her solitude and tends to lock herself up in her room or go out and just sit around and think to herself
  • Nidra is mostly active at night and has better eyesight during the night than in the day. 
  • She's intimidating but not for the same reason as Starburst and not really in the same way. Nidra is intimidating because of her power and attitude. 
  • Nidra became a very responsible and loving princess in the future. 
  • Nidra became incredibly close to T and Annie's family; including their children. So close to the point where Oasis, T and Annie's daughter, asked if Nidra was like her "Momma Number Two"
  • Nidra took Annie's death the hardest (just as much, if not more than T). She just did a better job hiding it. She had a hard time moving on despite trying to help T move on
  • When T started getting closer to her she started pushing him away out of guilt. 

Turquoise Blitz:
  • T was born in the same place as his sister. 
  • Rarity passed out for a few minutes after giving birth to T from pure exhaustion (he was a big baby)
  • Rarity used to dread having to nurse T
  • When T was little he'd dig up gems and make his own small hoard. Rarity was scared about what that might do to him but Spike saw nothing wrong with it and found it rather adorable since T didn't show any signs of aggression or strange growth. He'd even share if anypony asked him nicely. 
  • Claire protected him from bullies when they were younger but now, his size is enough to keep the bullies away. 
  • By the time T was 12, he was taller than Claire
  • When he and Annie first started going out, he began to distance himself a little by being really awkward and not wrapping his wing around her when they walked like he usually did. He was just intimidated by the "marefriend" and "coltfriend" titles and had no clue what he was "allowed" to do since he was in a relationship. It upset Annie a little being one who is quite intimate and likes to have physical contact. Claire and Candy ended up saving the relationship by talking to T and giving him advice
  • As a couple, Anthea and Turquoise are such goody-goodies that their parents trust them to sleep in the same bedrooms at night if one of the sleeps over at the other's house. They've never taken advantage of the priority because they're just that good. 
  • When he and Annie get separated, T gets way more anxious than she does. 
  • The only thing T has ever seemed to be greedy with is Annie. And his cookies. T love his cookies. 
  • T gets kinda lost without Annie and doesn't know what to do with himself when she's not around. 
  • One time, Anthea and T mutually decided that they should take a little break from each other since they were together pretty much 24/7. T was a mess because he'd keep worrying about her and was scared that she wanted to break up with him. During the little break, Anthea ended up showing that she could hold her own and be very productive. Because she wasn't with T, she ended up grabbing the attention of quite a few stallions all of which she had no interest in. T, however, felt that he was unneeded by her and was holding her back the whole time. They got back together around a week later and Anthea spent the week after that reassuring T that she loved him. 
  • If Fluttershy doesn't braid Annie's mane, T does. He learned quite a bit from Rarity and his claws help.
  • Since T isn't a pegasus, he cannot stand or walk on clouds and cannot affect the weather. 
  • T is self conscious about his smile because of his dragon teeth. 
  • He's been asked to join the Royal Guard countless times but always ends up refusing since he's scared of hurting others. 
  • T can sing pretty well like Golden Delicious. 
  • Turquoise doesn't like having his tail touched for some reason.
  • T could walk on two legs if he wanted to, just like his father, but he finds it awkward and uncomfortable so he doesn't. 
  • T never knew about Nidra's crush on him until she told way into the future. 
  • T doesn't get sick easily. He can't catch a cold from anypony else. Because of this, if any of his friends or family get sick, he usually helps them out so nopony else has to get sick. 
  • Turquoise, unlike Claire, trots and gallops like a pony and he keeps his claws retracted
  • T loves his sleep
  • T despises cold weather and typically refuses to go outside if it's snowing. 
  • Turquoise hasn't quite found his purpose/talent yet. However, in the meantime, helps Claire at her shop by either going out and finding gems or cutting them down to the size she needs them at. He also just helps out others, like Rarity or Del, with their jobs. 
  • T is terrified of blood
  • T, despite being naturally strong and muscular, is actually not in very good shape. 
  • T's a cuddler

  • Fletcher was born in Norhay
  • He has two younger siblings (a 12 year old sister and 10 year old brother)
  • Fletcher and his family had a really happy, peaceful life in Norhay
  • Fletcher mostly played outside by himself and explored the forest
  • He was very quiet
  • Fletcher was really bummed to move out to Canterlot when he was 13 since he isn't much for city life
  • In Canterlot, he was unable to release all his energy so he began acting out at home
  • Luckily, because of Valiant Heart, he discovered the royal guard and began training right away. His behavior at home improved
  • Fletcher has had many mares come up to him and ask him out on dates but he just doesn't understand
  • Valiant is Fletcher's role model
  • Fletcher starts speaking in his native tongue when he gets angry
  • Fletcher despite being a very talented guard, is not really good at anything else
  • When Fletcher first went to Sweet Apple Acres to work out with Del and Starburst. He ended up ruining quite a few apples because he used his amazing aim to hit the apples of the trees with small rocks. After being told that was wrong, he hit the stems instead which actually worked pretty well.

Lucky Star:
  • Lucky's family died in an accident when he was very young. He has a picture of them but that's all
  • He was given his name because there was no record of what his actual name was and he was the only one in his family to survive the horrible accident that occured
  • Lucky's biggest fear is losing friends and those close to him
  • Lucky cares very deeply for Amber and does worry about her when she goes out to party
  • Lucky is Amber's snuggle buddy because Hot Head refuses to be

Hot Head:
  • Hot Head had a huge crush on Amber when they were younger. He'd bring her back flowers and buy candy for her all the time
  • Though Hot Head is a huge jerk, he is very polite to mares
  • Hot Head has been asked to join the Wonderbolts before but he turned them down. Whirlwind was very jealous
  • Without his bandage, Hot Head has a bit of a limp
  • Hot Head's biological parents are two earth ponies
  • Hot Head's parents heard about him and his success in flying competitions and were able to find him again. Much to Lucky, Amber, and Hot Head's dismay, the tried regaining custody of him. They put up a good fight since they were rich and a normal couple and since Amber was very young and the only one working in the family. Luckily, they didn't win and were legally not able to take him back
  • Hot Head has a phobia of Griffins, exactly why he's scared of them is never explained though. (Fun Fact by JDMiles )

  • Flash and Twilight were worried that there would be complications when Starburst was born since she was very small and her wings were giant. 
  • Starburst was born in the Crystal Empire because Twilight was visiting Shining and Cadence thinking that Starburst wouldn't be due for at least another week.
  • When she was younger (before she could fly), her parents would tie her wings against her body with a tiny, little, ribbon so she wouldn't trip over her massive wings when walking. She kept the ribbon and it acts like a good luck charm for her. 
  • She was quite the crybaby as a child and also very shy. She liked hiding under her parents' wings. 
  • Starburst was afraid of Celestia's mane whe she was little
  • When Starburst was little and after she got over her fear of Celestia's mane, Celestia insisted that she call her Aunty Celestia instead of Princess and the same for Nighty when he was born so they do. It sometimes causes awkward problems when they're at royal gatherings with Celestia because they slip up and call her Aunty instead of Princess which Twilight hates but Celestia doesn't seem to mind. (Fun Fact by ppgzmlpfimlover ) 
  • She learned most of her flying from her father but learned a lot of tricks from Prism Bolt. 
  • When she works out, she tends to go overboard and ends up passing out from exhaustion. The first time this happened, she caused a lot of panic among her friends and family. They seriously thought she was dying but when she woke up in the hospital she was perfectly fine. Soon after the incident she went right back to working out. 
  • She's always found Prism attractive and is in love with his eyes but his attitude and immaturity is too much of a turnoff for her. She does however find herself zoning out on his eyes and Prism gets weirded out. 
  • Starburst hates reading and school but puts in her best effort anyways so her mom will be proud of her. 
  • Star is pretty good about learning new languages. Being exposed to foreign ponies and creatures from outside of Equestria helps with that. She's especially good at Prench
  • She hates to admit it but she gets jealous very easily. 
  • Starburst's secret talent is dancing. 
  • Starburst enjoys listening to classical music
  • Starburst was the third of her friends to get her cutiemark
  • When Starburst works out, she uses her ribbon as a headband to keep her bangs out of her face. 
  • Starburst has had way too many injuries in her lifetime. 
  • Starburst looks up to Claire a whole lot. She admires how she put ponies, like Prism, in their place using only her words. Starburst isn't nearly that good with words and end up using her "talent" to make others shut up. 
  • Starburst HATES being carried
  • Starburst LOVES food and eats all the time but manages to stay in great shape. Everypony is always suprised at how much she can eat even though she's so tiny. She can't resist watermelon. 
  • Aside from her regular, daily preening, Starburst usually takes a whole day every other week to take care of her giant wings. 
  • Starburst loves getting her ears scratched. 
  • She has an irrational fear of creepy crawlies. When coming across one she becomes petrified and would prefer not to move. 
  • She's a daydreamer
  • She spends more time on Sweet Apple Acres than anywhere else. 
  • Starburst loves nothing more than watching her father, uncle and cousin doing their job. 
  • Starbust once accidentally walked into the guards shower while Fletcher was in there. Needless to say, it was embarrassing for her and him, due to singing a romantic song to himself at the time she walked in. (Fun Fact by Sol1dF3rr3t

  • Nopony knows where Annie was born and when her exact birthday is. She was a couple months old when she was dropped off at the orphanage
  • Because Fluttershy was incapable of giving Annie "the talk" she ended up asking Twilight if she could tell Annie instead. She was there for the talk though like a good mommy. 
  • Anthea's other senses are enhanced because she is blind. Of these senses, her sense smell is the best. 
  • Anthea's magic is the only thing keeping her from being completely blind. If she overuses her magic, her vision worsens. When she was young her vision was worse since her magic wasn't strong yet. 
  • Her worst fears are the dark and flying.
  • Annie wears her hair in a braid so it doesn't blow into her face, making it even harder for her to see
  • She has a pet bat. He makes her feel safe in the dark and reminds her of her besties (T and Nidra)
  • She was the second of her friends to get her cutie mark
  • Prism often jokes that her special talent is actually making others uncomfortable because of her tendency to make blunt comments at the worst possible times. It's her sense of humor and she finds it amusing. Others do too when they aren't the victim. 
  • Anthea has never fallen for any of Prince Illusion's illusions. 
  • One time, Prism was messing around with a thunder cloud and hit it too hard causing lighting to come out as Anthea passed by. She let out a little scream because of the sudden, loud noise invading her sensitive ears. Prism thought she screamed because he struck her with lighting. She took the opportunity to mess with him and pretended to have lost her memory from the shock. Prism freaked out A LOT. 
  • Annie likes having some kind of physical contact with somepony at all times. Usually when she is talking to them. It helps her feel more engaged and it also gives her a sense of security. Without some contact she tends to get a little anxious. 
  • Annie remained good friends with Lucky Star, Amber Lily and Hot Head (her friends from the orphanage in "Helpless") Lucky had a crush on her for a long time. Amber is like Annie's big sister. She taught her how to be street smart and is the very source of Annie's inappropriate humor. Hot Head is really protective of Annie and really didn't like the idea of her going out with Turquoise. 
  • Anthea uses her horn to touch things and study them and their shape since it is more sensitive to touch than her hooves. 
  • Anthea can easily differentiate animals thanks to Fluttershy and all her animals. 
  • Anthea gets a bit clingy with her friends since she's scared of being abandoned (for obvious reasons). Though this is the case, she does also like being independent
  • Anthea likes to paint. They usually come out rather.... abstract but she, naturally, doesn't care. She just loves seeing all the different colors mash together. She used her painting once to show her friends how she sees things. 
  • She can't fall asleep at night without a source of light or without having some kind of physical contact with somepony. She just likes knowing that there's something there. She usually uses candles at night 
  • Twilight had some of her best spell books redone in Braille so Annie could read and study them on her own. Those books are Annie's most prized possessions. 
  • She likes it when T gets protective. 
  • When Anthea was younger, she wanted a father and would constantly try to hook Fluttershy up with various stallions. 
  • Though Annie isn't all that shy or quiet, she becomes just like her mother when she gets into arguments with other ponies
  • She is not aware of Starburst's jealousy of her. 
  • Not too long after she and T got married, she got pregnant. She was extremely hormonal and grumpy; scary even. Needless to say Turquoise was very worried since he'd never seen her like that. The second pregnancy was much smoother.
  • Quite some time before Annie passed, she told Claire to make sure that the most important ponies in her life, her children, T and Nidra, end up happy. She knew very well that they'd live long after she was gone. 

Icy Storm:
  • Icy Storm is aware that many fillies have crushes on him. He's got his eyes on Whirlwind so he tries not to acknowledge crushes so he doesn't hurt anypony's feelings. It's obviously not the best way to do so but he doesn't know what else to do. 
  • Icy tends to gravitate to the popular crowd even though some of them are shallow and not the best friends. For him, image comes first. Pixel's trying to draw him away from that mentality. 
  • Icy shows signs of becoming a great weather pony. 
  • When Icy gets older, he becomes a firefighter. It took him a real long time to figure out that that was actually what he wanted to do but he finally found out with the help of his good friends. 

Night Light:
  • Nighty wants so badly to be a great magician. He studies hard by reading books going to museums. He also wouldn't mind being an alicorn someday. 
  • Nighty's greatest fear is failure. This is why when it comes to learning magic, he feels the best way to learn is to just study. It's probably because he doesn't want to try and fail. This is where he and Starburst differ the most. Starburst isn't afraid to go all out and at least try even if she fails, while Nighty is afraid. 
  • Trixie once taught him a few magic tricks. 
  • Night Light sleep walks
  • Nighty's intimidated by Turquoise and Claire. Turquoise for his size and Claire for the rather stern and coldhearted essence she gives off. 
  • Nighty wishes he was brave like his big sister and parents. 
  • Nighty doesn't understand girls and how they work. He tends to assume girls are in love with him if they call him cute. Pixel Bit is one of those girls. 
  • Night Light has a terrible time watching or reading anything remotely scary. He would get nightmares if he would hear a simple ghost story. And he would need about five night lights at night if he saw a scary enough monster in either a book he read or in a movie he watched with his family (Fun Fact by Superior-Doc-Fossil )
  • Since he aims to be the next Starswirl the Bearded, Night Light likes to think up special titles for himself in secret, ranging from "Nighty the Wise and Honorable" to "The Great and Powerful Night Light". (Fun Fact by JDMiles )

  • Echo is a health freak. She's always eating weird healthy stuff and doing sports. Her other friends aren't really into that. Icy's the only one who seems to join her in doing those things. 
  • Her number one dream is to be a competitor in the Equestria Games. 
  • Echo is soft-spoken but if something bothers her, she'll let you know. 
  • Echo's observational skills are crazy amazing". It's actually kinda scary. 
  • Unlike her mother, Echo got good at flying real quick. It took the family by surprise but they were very proud. 

Pixel Bit:
  • T and Annie used to foalsit her. 
  • Pixel isn't one to look for love. As a child, it was the last thing on her mind. It was the last thing on her mind even as a teenager. It was kinda an issue as she got older since she was very pretty and was asked out by stallions quite often. She would reject them all in the nicest way possible but she always felt awful. 
  • Pixel Bit modeled for her aunt Rarity as a teenager. Icy ended up doing one show with her since he is also quite handsome. 
  • Pixel was a natural at magic. She never really used it though. 
  • Button and Sweetie have to limit how much sugar Pixel intakes because she will go crazy and crash instantly. 
  • The only pony Pixel acts strangely around is Claire. She's under the impression that Cliare doesn't like her. She and her friends messed up an important piece of jewelry in her shop. Claire got mad. Really mad. She tried her best to hold back her dragon rage but she got the message across when scolding them. Pixel felt really bad disappointing her older cousin. 

Cloudy Skies:
  • Cloudy Skies takes what ponies say about her (positive and negative) straight to heart. 
  • Though Cloudy Skies is friendly, she does often distance herself from other ponies since she's kinda klutzy and has a tendency to mess things up. She just doesn't wanna accidentally hurt them (which she's done before)
  • Cloudy's scared of balloons
  • Cloudy has a really hard time being independent. 
  • Sky went to the family rock farm for a while hoping that she find her purpose in life there, but she never did. 
  • Cloudy often talks to herself (and occasional inanimate objects)
  • As Cloudy got older, she was still very clumsy. Turned out her eyesight was just bad. So, she got glasses

Sugar Rush:
  • Cloudy has almost dropped quite a few pastries and sweets while they made deliveries. Luckily, sugar managed to save them all. 
  • Sugar wants to learn how to use magic really badly. She's tried learning from her father, Nighty, Annie and even Twilight. She just can't seem to get it. 
  • Without sugar, Sugar goes into a "Pinkamina" sort of mindset. 
  • Sugar loves nothing more than making rock candy with her Aunty Maud and the rest of her family. 
  • Sugar Rush is very quick. Not just when it comes to running, but pretty much everything else. She gets homework done fast, she cleans her room fast, does chores fast and other things of that sort. She just feels like there are so many things one can do in a single day and not a single moment should be wasted. 
  • Sugar is like Dove's little apprentice

Api Apple:
  • Api doesn't really have a dream or goal yet. She just hopes that whatever she ends up doing allows her to adventure and travel all over Equestria and beyond. 
  • Api doesn't do that well in school since she'd rather be out adventuring. As a result, Red June ends up tutoring her at home to catch her up with the class. 
  • Api's tried venturing off into the Everfree Forest on several occasions but somepomy always manages to stop her before she does (usually Del or June)
  • Starburst is Api's rolemodel
  • Api always manages to find her older friends in awkward situations with one another. Because of this, she is the master of blackmail

You guys got any headcanons about these characters? If you guys have some that I like, and don't conflict with anything that I have planned for these characters, I'll add them in here (and credit you of course :))
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Poor Amber QAQ
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T and Starburst once had an embarrassingly awkward incident while sparring. Afterwards, they agreed never to speak of it again.
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Api has only thought of 3 same sex shippings. Her very first one was with Nighty and Icy,  another one was with Prism and Hot Head, her last after that was Dove and Starburst.
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Prism really enjoys opera 
Freckled-Tarts Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When Amber brushes her mane in private (especially when shes happy) she likes to sing 'Flower Gleam and Glow' of Tangled as a joke but she started doing it so often that it became a bit of a habit. One day when she was brushing Angels mane she accidentally sings it in front of Hot head and Lucky and she just dies of embarrassment. 
KittyChatterWuvzU Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
When T or Claire were little they used to blame things on each other because they chewed and clawed up one of their mother's dresses and clothes that she made. Also, Amber was a bit too protective of her mom, that when someone was being mean to her(Besides Herb) She would attack them, like Angel does to Amber.
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you made candy look like pinkietwi foal
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From these facts I have learned a lot more information about the character, and I am excited to see what happens next. Also I really love your art work Kilala97
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When T was little rarity would do all that she could to keep him out of her workspace because he didn't really know how to control what he did or did not end up slicing with his claws and that would alter Rarity's work
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These are a few facts that I would like to see in a drawing:

-Claire hates going to the doctors and just dislikes doctors (Not them personally of course, just their actions). This is mostly from regular, weekly check ups and doctors coming to Spike, Rarity and Claire's home all the time when she was younger. As the first known dragon pony hybrid in Equestria, she was constantly checked up on by doctors to make sure she was developing normally and healthily. She never got used to the appointments and always dreaded them. She's also terrified of shots.

-When Claire was little, she'd overuse the word "darling" because she heard Rarity say it so much.

-Due to her great memory, Crème sometimes brings up certain things that her friends try to forget

-Despite how others see her and how she acts, Amber is actually quite scared of "doing the do" and will freeze up when put in that kind of situation
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I just noticed, Night Light has the same name as his grandfather.
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  • "Api always manages to find her older friends in awkward situations with one another. Because of this, she is the master of blackmail."
LOLLOL "master of blackmail"
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What do you mean by Illusion having "chaotic parentage"? Is he Discord's son or something like that? 
KatieKat2002 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Illusion is the son of Celestia and Discord.
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I hate reading and school, but it depends on what in reading if id would hate it or love it.
And I'm learning portuguese from my friend (while talking)without having to have a teacher.
I also get jealous very easily because I never had gotten treated right. I was always the outcast, though.
I'd probably get my cutiemark last, sense I do so may different things.
I had a lot of injuries, but never a broken bone.
And I work out a little bit at a time, but I'm always in great shape, just a little of fat, but my mother said its fine, sense its a practical symbol that I eat healthy and right because I have an athletic body.
And I love watermelon <3~
I usualy love tiny insects like catapilers (I think thats how I spell it) But hate cockroaches. *shivers*
And I love apples, I love all fruit actually.
And do you own starburst? She has a nice mane and the colors are fantastic!~ sorry if I sound like a creep.
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klevrock Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Student
Prism and Icy are sometimes skeptical about eating Pinkie's cupcakes. Rainbow assures them that there is nothing wrong with the cupcakes aside from having too much sugar.

I know, I know. It's kind of an unwritten rule to never make Cupcakes reference because it's bad manners.
I just thought it would be funny. XD
Please don't hate me. T T
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cjnx Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
is you
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Something that's been gnawing at me regarding all these characters is, why don't any of the Apple foals have siblings? Of all the Next Gen characters only those that are the children of Spike & Rarity, Flash & Twilight, Rainbow Dash & Soarin and Pinkie & Pokey have siblings; around half the Mane 6 now that I look at it, but if you look you'll notice Applejack is not the parent of one the sibling groupings (or Big Macintosh, or Apple Bloom). So why is it the Apples, who come from stated big family and have been practically raised on the virtues of having a big family, don't have siblings?
ButterMaster Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
I wanna share a headcanon of mine:

When Starburst was little, Twilight would sing her "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" every night before bed.
epicvictory2025 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  New Deviant
I might wanna share a few.

  • Prism also has a taste for pies and even challenges his father to a pie eating contest sometimes.
  • Illusion sometimes goes to his dad's former home in that odd dimension to have time to himself when he wants to be alone.
  • As a foal, Illusion once hid in his father's goat beard (somehow) when his mother tried to give him a bath.
  • Api (in an alternate timeline and future which is also non-canon) becomes Princess Cadance's student and eventually ascends into an alicorn and the becomes princess of shipping.
  • Prism once visited Griffonstone with his mother to visit Gilda and became friends/rivals with one of Gilda's two sons named Razor Beak who is also competitive, radical and lazy like he is.
  • Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo brought their daughters to visit their old friend Trouble Shoes (who shows signs of wearing down but he's still at it) to show them his rodeo clown career which he still loves doing his job. He even has a daughter named tough cookie (his wife is a baker).
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So Parry carried his Ukelele around all the time, Does he play his Ukelele all day long?
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I can see an argument between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I imagine they still argue occasionally, yes?
RD-"My son's way cooler than yours!"
AJ-"Well, mah son's way more responsible!"
RD-"At least my son didn't break something doing the family tradition!"
AJ-"*gasp* You take that back..."
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They're fun xD
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And another in Pixel Bit's last one (You said Cliare and not Claire)
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