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Necklaces by kilala97 Necklaces by kilala97
"What do you think Claire wants from us?" T asked his father.

"I'm not sure. She can be a bit unpredictable sometimes. Maybe she just wanted to see our handsome faces again."

"Probably." T replied, sharing a hearty laugh with Spike. They approached the Canterlot Castle where Claire now resided.

"I still can't believe my daughter is a princess. Who would have thought?"

"I remember mom was really happy when she heard that."

"She sure was! She had bragging rights. Not many mothers get to say that their little filly has grown into a princess."

"That's true." They had gotten to the front of the castle where they were met by two guards. 

"Hold it right there! Just who do you think you are?" The guards hadn't recognized the two of them. Spike had grown even larger and more ferocious looking since Rarity passed away. A little bit of greed had gotten to the dragon with no one to keep him on track. T had grown a lot as well.  Nopony knew what made him grow since he was certainly not greedy. The guard probably didn't recognize him since he T never visited the castle.

"I'm Spike and this is my son Turquoise Blitz. We're here to see Crystal Clarity," Spike said. 

"I'm sorry sir, but Princess Crystal is not expecting anypony today."

"WHAT?" Spike asked, quite a bit shocked. He seemed a little agitated as well. The guards tried not to show it but they were pretty scared. "She told us to come ahead of time!"

"Sir I....."

"Guards! Guards!  It's okay!  I am expecting them!"

"Princess!" They both said as they kneeled. 

"I'm so sorry for the confusion. I slept in this morning." The guards just nodded and went back to their position. Claire then turned her attention to her father and brother.  She galloped in their direction and jumped up to hug them. They made her seem so tiny. "I've missed you guys so much!  It's been far too long!"

"Yeah. You haven't come to visit me in a while," T said. 

"Why must I go to you?" Claire teased. She knew he wasn't much for castles. He liked nature and open spaces a lot more. He was Anthea's husband after all. "Things have just been a little...'exciting' around here... Anywho, come on in, I have something for both of you." The two follwed her without question. 

"So, how's my son-in-law?  He hasn't tried anything funny with you has he?"

"Honestly, father! You really ought to trust him by now. He's quite the gentlecolt."

"I know, I know. I just want to make sure that my little filly's okay and that your husband is keeping you happy." 

"Awww, thank you, dad," she said. 

"Where is he anyways?"

"With the princesses and Discord. Nidra and I are the only ones here today."

"Nidra's here?" T asked a little louder than he planned. Claire and Spike turned to him. 

"Yes but she's probably sleeping," Claire replied hesitantly. "Why?

"No reason. Can we keep moving please?" T asked trying to change the subject. 

"Okay....." T let out a small sigh of relief. He hadn't seen Nidra since their little talk. He knew now how she felt about him and he imagined an encounter with the bat pony would make things rather awkward since he wasn't sure how he felt about her. 

"Here we are!" Claire said as the group came to a stop. She opened the door they were at. It appeared to be her room. "Come in, boys."

"Very nice!" Spike said scanning the room.  He and T continued to walk around. Claire, however, went to her closet where she pulled out a couple of boxes. 

"Here you are!" She said excitedly as she levitated them to the dragons. They spent no time admiring the fancy wrapping paper. 

They opened up their boxes to reveal two, very beautiful necklaces that they assumed Claire made. She was an accomplished jeweler at this time. The necklaces were gorgeous but they weren't exactly what the boys were looking at. They were looking at what was in the center of them. 

Spike's had a very familiar fire ruby and T's had a flower that resembled Anthea's cutiemark. 

"Claire...." Spike started, looking as if he was going to cry.  Claire levitated the necklaces out of their claws and placed the pieces of jewelry around their necks.

"Do you like them?" She asked. T nodded furiously, still infatuated by the necklace. 

"I love it Claire," Spike said. "But, I gave this fire ruby to you. You don't have to give it back."

"I do. I think you need it more than me. Mom was your very special somepony. Both of you lost yours but I still have mine. I would feel guilty if I kept this, father. 

"I really appreciate that Claire."

"No problem at all," she told him. "Now let's talk a little bit about these. Your fire ruby necklace hasn't been altered at all. It still has the gold that mother crafted when she first made it. It's far too special to change in any way so I simply added some extra gold around it so it would fit you."

"Wow, thank you."

"And T, yours was rather difficult. It took me a while to find a gem that would match the color of the real flower. It was also a little hard to craft but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I know you love these flowers dearly and it breaks my heart to see the ones you keep in your home wilt away. So I wanted to give you one that would last forever." T ran up and hugged her tightly. 

"Easy big guy! I'd really appreciate it if you didn't hug me to death," Claire said gasping for air. He loosened his grip for a much more tame embrace. 

"Sorry, this just means an awful lot. Thanks Claire."

"Anything for my big, little brother," she said with a giant smile. She looked at the both of them and saw how happy the seemed in the moment. Tears began welling up in her eyes. She was just so sad for the both of them but she was glad she was able to help them feel a little happier. Claire wiped away the tears and sniffled. She didn't want them to see her crying. "That's all I've got for you two. You're welcome to stay as long as you want. I imagine you're quite tired from flying all the way out here."

"Just a little.  But we don't want to intrude. We can stay her a bit if you want some company though," Spike suggested. 

"I'd like that a lot."

The three of them ended up not talking too much. They simply enjoyed each other's presence. T was sleeping in the bed which he found very comfortable. Spike was relaxing on the floor, eyes closed, with Claire curled up next to him. 

Claire was the only one who didn't appear to be sleeping. Something was bothering her. She had called T and her father to give them their gifts but that could have been done at any time. She had actually wanted to tell them something else of great importance. She rolled over on her back holding her stomach. She looked over at her brother and father. They looked so peaceful and that was rare for them these days. She didn't want to cause too much excitement.  She'd tell them later.  

"Something wrong?" Spike asked. Claire jumped a little. She thought he was asleep. 

"Oh nothing. Just thinking a bit."

"You sure?" He asked looking at her with one eye open. 

"Yes, I'm pretty sure."

"Alright," he said closing his eye again. "Oh, and when were you planning on telling your own father that you're expecting." Claire sat up completely, eyes wide open. 

"H-how did you know?" Spike let out a little laugh. 

"You're actually acting quite a bit like your mother did when she was pregnant with you. You seem a little distant and pretty emotional. Not NEARLY emotional as she was but I noticed you crying a little bit. That's kind of odd behavior for you. Not to mention you're putting on a little weight." Claire wrapped her hooves around her abdomen. 

"It's that obvious, huh?

"Not too much honestly. Us dragons are just very observant." Claire giggled. "That little crib over there might have clued me in as well," he said. Claire looked over to the corner of her room and blushed. She'd totally forgotten it was there. "Anyways, I'm really happy for you and Illusion. Can't wait for the new addition to our family."

"Me neither. I'm a little nervous though."

"Don't worry about it. You'll be fine," he said nuzzling his daughter. 

"Thanks daddy," she said lovingly as she kissed him on the cheek.  

Though at first they thought their family was falling apart, they found it was actually growing.


Consolation by kilala97

Moving On by kilala97

Well that was really rushed XD  Hope you enjoyed the concept anyways. 
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